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8 Apr 2018


Micheal opened the door.
Everywhere was unusually
quiet. Maybe they've gone
to the plaza but her car was
still in the garage.

Whichever way, he was tired and needed rest. He
went upstairs to the room
he shared with his wife and
it looked different.
Something was amiss. He
looked into the wardrobe and it hit him. His wife was
gone. Her properties were
no longer in the wardrobe.

She has finally ran away
with the guy she's been
seeing. He angrily went down the
stairs, his bile turning up his
stomach. "Gertrude!" He thundered "What are you saying
Amara? Last night was a
mistake and........." "And I want it to happen
again. I understand you've
got something for my sister
but hey, I'll satisfy you,
make me your $lut, I'll......"

She said removing the basket ball singlet she was
wearing to reveal her

He looked away, afraid of
getting carried away by her
beautiful body. "You want this don't you?" "Amara stop this nonsense."
"Don't call it. Don't you dare.
Last night when you had me
on this bed, when you were
grunting with your
manhood in between my
thighs, it wasn't nonsense to you huh? So what are you
doing here? Leave my sister
to make another one pay for
your crime, Mr bdsm." He looked at her with
disdain and all he felt for
her the moment he came
into the house disappeared.
This wasn't the innocent
Amara he had seen a wife in, he hated himself for
getting drunk out of
Michael's stupidity. "You should leave my room
now please." They both heard the noise
from downstairs. Micheal
was back. "Gertrude!" His voice rang
out from downstairs "Please leave now Kelvin." "Meet me at Top rank hotel.
Call me when you're there
but please, stop your sister
from arresting an innocent
man." He said and left the
room. "Good morning sir." Gertrude
greeted "Where's my wife? Couldn't
you call me to inform me
that she was leaving the
house?" "But sir?...." "Shut up. Bunch of useless
things." He took out his phone to call
Claire. "Mike, why are you making
noise the very moment you
stepped in? This house has
been quiet and peaceful
since last night." Kelvin said,
picking the car key from the table "My wife has left the house
and you're asking me not to
make noise?" If he were not in a different
mood, he would have
laughed him to scorn "The Claire I had breakfast
with or your new mistress?
Excuse me." Kelvin said and
walked out "Sir, madam just changed
her room. She said the
doctor......." "Get lost." He ran up the stairs,
brushing past Amara who
was dressed in a hood. He
stood in front of Claire's
room. She would give him
reasons why sge moved out of their matrimonial room. He opened the door without
knocking and was surprised
to find her sleeping. She
looked different. He walked
into the room and sat on the
bed, looking at her with concern.
If only she'd not changed, if
only she wasn't seeing
someone else, they would
be happy together now.
Why would she leave their room? Why? If not that
someone else was screwing
her, why would she
distance herself from him?
He tapped her and she
opened her eyes, surprised to see him. She slowly sat
up. "Good morning honey. I
didn't know you were
back." "Obviously. I want us to
talk." "Is there a problem? Tell
me." She said, sitting
properly. He heaved a sigh, calming
his nerves. "Why did you leave our
room?" "Oh! I'm sorry I didn't tell
you my love but you see,
the miscarriage.........." "You don't use that as an
excuse Claire. Women who
give birth still share same
bed with their husbands, so
why is your case different?
Tell me, are you seeing someone?" His question rang a bell in
her ears. She couldn't
believe it. Why would he
ask her that question? "Answer me now. Who's
he?" He said angrily,
standing up with a heavy
heart. She too stood up and faced
him. "What nonsense Mike, are
you accusing me of
infidelity? Are you?" "Yes I am. You are tired of
seeing my face every
morning, you're tired of me
touching you, you've gotten
a replacement so go ahead
and tell me who he is." "Wow! Unbelievable. But I
refuse to answer that
question. If you so believe
that I'm seeing someone
else, its fine but let me be
Micheal, let me have some peace and quiet." And that was all it took to
start raining slaps and
punches on her. Worst case
scenerio, there was nobody
to stop him.

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