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5 Apr 2018


'Lana, why are you dragging your bag?' his mother questioned. Immediately he heard the question, his heart skipped a bit. He had been unable to carry the bag on his back and had to drag it.

He was dragging it when his mom saw him from afar. He stood rooted to the spot and quickly thought of what to do.

'And why are you coming in through the backyard?' she asked further. Different thoughts ran through his head at that moment. Although, he didn't know the content of what Blade gave to him, he somehow knew it wasn't a good thing. He held the bag firmly as he took a step towards the back door. He had calculated his steps, and he knew his mother would easily catch him if he passed through the backyard. Immediately, he changed his direction and went towards the front door. Disturbed, his mother went after him. On getting inside, he quickly took out the wrapped parcel and hid it under an old couch in the sitting room. Hardly had he done that when he heard his mother's footsteps. He moved towards the television set and began to laugh.
'You this boy, are you sure I'm your mother?' standing akimbo with a leather belt on her left hand, her mom asked angrily.

'Mummy, I was just pulling your legs of course', he said, laughing out loud. His mother studied him for a while before collecting his bag. She searched thoroughly but didn't find anything strange in it.

'Then why were you dodging me?' she queried him.
'No now, I wanted to trouble you a bit, because I missed you', he said, dropped his bag and headed to his room.
'Come back here and carry this bag, I've been home since, cleaning this house all day, better come back here', his mother shouted without him responding.
'Eba and efo is ready, come and eat', she said and smiled at herself, sure her trick would work. Eba and vegetable was her son's favourite meal. Under a few seconds, Asiwaju was back, with his stocking missing.
It was hard locating blade the following morning. He had gotten to the agreed spot few minutes to 7am, hoping to see Blade. When he had waited enough, he went into the 'hood' to ask for him. Everyone in the hood knew blood, but it seemed they were too scared to point his house to him. He was supposed to be in school but there he was, looking for a way to deliver the exhibit he was carrying. If he didn't deliver it, he would be in trouble. He was happy when he met Vino at the outskirt of the hood drinking a herbal concortion. On sighting Asiwaju, Vino hurriedly drank his mixture, and took him to Blade. He delivered the package to Blade who was visibly pleased.

That was the beginning of Asiwaju's close relationship with Blade. Blade gave him money, treats and also, his first ever phone, a 'Sagem My V55', which he kept from his parents for two years. Sadly, Blade died two years later, when Asiwaju was in SSS three. He was killed in a frat crisis, while trying to keep some of his friends safe.

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