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7 Apr 2018


Hanhan, no be Ada baby be that for that table??' Snake asked one of his escorts, pointing towards Asiwaju's table.

'Na she o, wetin she dey find with that rat na?' one of the boys responded loudly.
Immediately Adamma heard the voice, she looked up and saw the fury on the boys' faces. She had concentrated on her food and failed to notice the change in atmosphere, when the boys entered.

'Arrow, go carry that girl come now', Snake ordered and Arrow bounced comfortably towards Asiwaju's table.

'Ada, how na? Wetin dey sup?' he greeted her as he took his seat.
'Arrow bobo, I dey o, I no galiba', she answered, and the sense of her familiarity with the boys alerted Asiwaju.

'You know see baba for that table?' Arrow asked.
'No vex, I say make I sharply finish this chao ni, before I come greet am', she replied. Asiwaju's face was lit with fury. He knew Adamma had something to do with the boys.
'Who be this guy?' Arrow asked further, as if he wanted to embarrass Asiwaju to the fullest
'He's my friend', she replied casually, battling with a chicken bone.
'What the heck!! Did you just call me an ordinary friend?' Asiwaju thundered.

'Arrow I'm done, let's go', Adamma said and stood up.
'Ada, you mean you are leaving me here and going with this..this...booyy?' Asiwaju stammered as his eyes met the fury in Arrow's gaze.

'Ashi, I'll see you later, why don't you just leave in peace now that you can still do?' Adamma asked, and without waiting for a reply, left Asiwaju on his seat and went to Snake's table.

Adamma got over to Snake's table and hugged him. She then went further by giving him a quick kiss. On seeing that, Asiwaju felt irritated. There he was, young, dark, handsome and well-built, and Adamma was choosing an older, rough looking and ugly guy over him. His ego was badly suffered. If left one on one, Snake was not his match, he would beat Snake hands down.

Asiwaju watched as Snake held Adamma sensually, while puffing out cigarette smoking, despite smoking being a serious offence in the school. He watched as Adamma sat and ordered a more expensive meal, then he went mad, visibly shaking with rage. He took out his Nokia N73 Symbian phone and tried Blade's phone number. He wished it could connect, and could talk to the dead. He wished Blade could either come and fight for him or tell him what to do, maybe, just maybe, where to break in Snake's body.
Asiwaju matched towards Snake's table in annoyance and everyone in the eatery, including the security men were surprised. They all could sense trouble. They wondered who the small fearless boy who was about messing with Snake was.
'Adamma, what's all these? Why have you decided to embarrass me in the presence of these idiots?' Asiwaju questioned.
'Hey rat, who u be? Declare yourself before I bula you', lalastic, Snake's favorite boy asked.

'I am Asiwaju, and you guys are messing with my girlfriend!' Asiwaju replied. Snake laughed out loud at his response and that infuriated Asiwaju more.

'Ada baby, bia, na true this rat talk?
U dey kpansh this premature boy? You don't Bleep up, why you dey do child abuse na?' Snake asked rather mockingly and everyone laughed at Asiwaju. That was it.! The caged Lion in Asiwaju was let loose and Asiwaju gave Snake two resounding slaps, similar to the slap Vino gave him years back. On seeing that, several spectators rose up and hurriedly left the eatery, not wanting to witness the aftermath. Snake stood up and brought out a penknife from his crossbag.

'Rat, you get liver, slap me a whole Capon for this domong?' Snake asked angrily, with his boys already on Asiwaju, giving him the beating of his life.

'Oya, lower your height, go on your knees and kiss the floor. I no go repeat myself', an angry Snake said. Asiwaju ignored his order and stood arrogantly, like nothing had happened.

'I go drop this rat o', Snake said to nobody in particular and flashed the sharp knife. When Asiwaju saw the shiny metal, he came back to his senses and went on his knees. However, he refused to kiss the floor.

Throughout this period, Adamma had been focusing on her meal, totally ignoring Asiwaju and at intervals, Snake placed kisses on her forehead and cheeks, just to spite Asiwaju more. Asiwaju had no choice but to fight, he had to fight for his pride, and also for his investment.

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