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1 Apr 2018


As he opened his eyes that chilly morning, flicking his eyelids at intervals, he winced in pain. He sat up and placed his left palm on his chin, feeling the swollen area, he was in pain. It was a terrible night for him, his body ached, and he felt he had also developed fever overnight.

He reminisced on what he went through the previous night, and he realised he had taken a decision, a drastic one at that, one which was to determine what his life and future would look like. His name was Asiwaju Adelana Alabi.

He was born into the noble Alabi family on a quiet evening in January, 1992. Growing up was fun but hectic for him as he was either fighting his kid sister, or throwing stones at lizards and birds. On few occasions, he had fought some older street bullies. While in the house, he was regularly found with his mum, his dad, or his sister, 'Detoun, the last 'poo'. From a tender age, Adelana had been a 'family man'.

Asiwaju attended Anglican Church Grammar School, a popular secondary school close to Concord Polythenic, Abeokuta which was synonymous with several fraternity clashes. He had witnessed a lot of these clashes, most of them brutal and gruesome, and he had developed an interest in them.

He loved the thrills involved.
Being a smart guy, Asiwaju gained admission into the university at he age of 16. Actually, he got admission into two prestigious universities,one in Federal University, Lagos
while the other, in
Salvation Private University, Ogun State. He was so young and naive, he knew more than his brain should carry at that age.
While in secondary school, he became friends with BLADE, a gentle looking guy, and a top man of one of the popular fraternities in the polytechnic. Blade did come to Asiwaju's school to check on his young sister who was in the school hostel every week, and on every visit, he gave some students including Asiwaju, money. Blade was generous to a fault. His real name was Bolade, Blade was the short form. Asiwaju respected Blade because he was cool, calm and collected. He had never seen Blade frown, until one day, when two fraternities in the polytechnic had a clash. A group of the fraternities were EAGLES while the other group (which Blade belonged to), were MARSHALLS. Asiwaju knew the name and colours of all the fraternities in the polytechnic, and he was only thirteen! in SSS one...

Asiwaju was coming from a nearby bush where he had gone to urinate after his extramural French lesson when a tough looking guy approached him.
'Hey you, show!' the guy ordered. Being a stubborn boy, Asiwaju ignored him. The guy then moved closer to Asiwaju and gave him a thunderous slap on his right cheek. The effect was not felt on that cheek, but on the left. Asiwaju knew he was in trouble. The guy began to pull him deeper into the bush and he started cry. He remembered his parents, especially his mother and younger sister. How would they take it if they hear he was gone, either dead or kidnapped?
'Hey jewman! Boss dey halla you'. The tough looking guy whose name was Vino said. Vino had spanked Asiwaju's butt, causing him to be perturbed a bit. He thought he was kidnapped to be sodomized by the guys. He was visibly shaking, and had urinated several times in his shorts.
From another part of the bush, Asiwaju had a familiar voice. 'School boy, hafar? I wan make Una help me carry this eru (load) keep safely. I go con collect am tomorrow. No try open am sha, because if u do, I go know, and u go enter trouble', the voice said. Asiwaju traced where the voice came up and his eyes met Blade's, who was wearing a blood-stained shirt. The voice was Blade's voice!
'Damn! Asiwaju, na you dem carry come? Wetin u dey find for this bush area? I don warn all of una boys make u no dey crayfish waka, u no dey hear', Blade said, visibly pissed. He had never wanted any of his little friends to see him in such a circumstance.

'Brrrrrrooooother Blade, sorry, brother Bol Bol Bolade, I only came to urinate here', Asiwaju stammered, and hurriedly prostrated, begging for his life.
'Eyah, see as ur face don swell, my guys don enter you already? No fear, wey your school bag? Put this thing inside there and make sure nobody sees or touches it. I go block you for the back of the bakery behind your school small gate by 7am, bring am then. Remember, make nobody see am o, o lewu (it's dangerous), Blade said.
With that warning, he carefully placed a heavily wrapped nylon inside Asiwaju's bag, and put his books on them. He gave Asiwaju some money and told him to leave. Vino took him out of the bush through another route. Outside the bush, Asiwaju was glad he was alive, had his body parts complete, and eerrmmm had some money too. The only pain he felt was the ache across his face. He needed to get home fast to use painkillers. Without going to look for his friends, he boarded a cab and headed home straight.

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