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6 Apr 2018


Asiwaju chose Salvation Private University, Ogun State, over the Federal University, Lagos. He was a regular young undergraduate, until he fell in love with Adamma,a jambite like himself. Adamma was tall, cute and fresh. She was a beauty to behold. Troubles started when Adamma won 'the Most Beautiful Jambite' pegeant and began to get unnecessarily famous...

It was a cool Friday evening, Asiwaju and Adamma were seated on the yellow plastic chairs placed centrally in the University eatery. His mom had sent him his monthly allowance the previous day, and he decided to give Adamma a treat, at least, to prove to her he could maintain her even as she was the Most Beautiful Jambite. Since she won the competition, Adamma had started moving with the big boys and girls on campus, and Asiwaju felt threatened. Adamma wasn't giving him much attention again and had been dodging him, she even called him a brokeass once.

Cladded in the then trendy 'My Money Grows Like Grass' shirt, 'Amma Keep Keep' facecap, a 'carrot' Jean, and a pair of Timberland boots, Asiwaju sat with Adamma, trying to ask where their relationship was headed. He had withdrawn Five thousand naira from his monthly allowance, hoping to impress Adamma with it. If only he knew!
He watched her order plates of food and juice, and because the money in his wallet wasn't much, he decided not to order for food. He had to redeem himself, his ego was at stake.
'Are you not going to order anything for yourself?' Adamma asked.
'No jor, I would just watch my baby eat', Asiwaju replied with a smile. Adamma shrugged and started eating her food happily.

Few minutes later, some five guys entered the eatery through the back door and the whole atmosphere changed immediately. Snake, who was the leader was in the middle, spotting a white tee on a black pair of shorts. He had a black crossbag across his chest. The four other guys wore blue tee instead. On sighting the boys, everyone in the eatery started talking in hushed tones. They all feared Snake, well, except for Asiwaju. Snake was a notorious guy on campus, known to be involved in several 'hits' in and outside the campus. Being a bold and fearless guy, coupled with the 'OT' Blade gave him before his death, Asiwaju remained unmoved by Snake's presence. When Snake sat at the table adjacent his', Asiwaju was as calm as ever.

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