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29 Jul 2018


Phil was worried. He'd been
calling her number since
morning but she wasn't

He had gone to the
plaza but the employees
reported that the two madams have not reported
to work.

He was now driving
back to his office but traffic
was top notch. A molue bus
had fallen, blocking the
single lane. They had to wait for a tow van or maybe get

He chose to be
comfortable, letting the air
con cool his already worried

"Yes. Oh yes. Harder!
Pummel that kitten baby!
Amara's screams could be
heard from the corridor of
the hotel room. She didn't care as long as he was
giving it to her the way she
wanted it. Kelvin wasn't just himself.
He knew something was
wrong but he couldn't place
it. He didn't want to do this
but Amara had a great body.
She had descended on him the very moment she got
into the room.
He raised her left leg to his
shoulders and pushed hard.
She screamed in both pain
and pleasure. This was the third time they were going
at it and he was close. He
closed his eyes and her
picture came to his mind's
eye. She was indeed a
goddess. He closed his mind to the
world, to the seductress he
was screwing and to the fact
that he was becoming
someone else.
He saw her smile and that was what it took to force a
grunt out of his throat.
He thrusted in three quick
succession before pulling
out and spraying his jizz all
over her stomach. She picked her phone from
the bed and dialled her
sister's number. It was
switched off. Gertrude had
earlier informed her that
she dismissed the policemen that had arrived, claiming
they were late and the issue
had been resolved. Where
was Amara?
She called Kelvin for the
39th time but he wasn't picking.
What was going on?
She felt something cold
running down her forehead
and she touched it, then
slowly brought her palm down. BLOOD. HER BLOOD. For the second time, Micheal
had made her see blood
leaving her body.
She tried to stand up but her
strength was failing her
"Oh Lord! Don't let me die without seeing my sister.
She won't be happy with her
for not allowing the police
handle her so called
boyfriend. Lord please, spare
my life, if not for anything, but for my sister's sake." She
prayed. She tried ringing the
intercom but realised it was
among the things Micheal
had ruined in her room. She
let her tears fall. What was
wrong with her marriage? Who has she offended? She
didn't know her place of
birth or she would have said
that people from her village
were the cause of her
problems. She felt dizzy but didn't stop
praying. She would come out
of this one. She would
survive it. She sneezed twice and
smiled. If Amara was here,
she would say that someone
was either gossiping with
her name or missing her. In
her own case, it could be her husband, probably gisting
his secretary how he had
beaten her using the curtain
pole. But who could be
missing her? She thought for
a while before a smile spread across her face. Phil! He wasn't staying here
anymore. He has spent an
hour here but no one was
moving or calling for a tow
He looked behind him and thankfully, there was
enough space for him to
reverse his car. He cursed
himself. Why hadn't he
thought about that all these
while? He succeeded in reversing
the car and hit the road
again only to be interrupted
by the ringing of his phone.
He smiled broadly as the
caller ID flashed on his screen. "BEAUTIFUL ONE". " Hello baby". He said
cheerfully "Phil, to
the house. Come to "
coughs" come to the house
please. " And that was it. The call was
up. Was she sick? She had
given him her house address
the day they had lunch
together. He drove like a
mad man, ignoring the curses people threw at him.
It would take him thirty
minute to get to lekki but he
would get there and know
what was wrong with his
beautiful princess. He came out from the
bathroom, using a towel to
clean his hair. He dumped
the towel on a setee and
grudgingly sat on the bed.
Yes. His anger was justified. She has no right to leave
their matrimonial home. She
has no right to be sleeping
with another man. He was
so sure someone else was
sampling her but let him get the [email protected] He would so
run him over with his car
and proudly tell everyone
that he did it. A horn at the gate startled
him and he looked through
the window. A silver range
rover sport 2016 model was
at his gate. What an august
visitor. He went to his wardrobe, looking for
something nice to wear. He didn't drive in. The gate
opened and he stepped out
of the car and went to the
gateman. "Guraftun uga. Na who you
dey fain?" "Is your madam in? Claire? Is
she in?" "Yesuga. She never comot
since morrin." "Alright."
He breezed past the
gateman and went into the
compound. He was
impressed but no, he wasn't
here to feed his eyes. He was about going to the front
door where he met a lady in
her early thirties. She was
dressed in a black gown and
red apron. "Excuse me sir. You need
help?" "Yes. I'm Phil, a friend to
your madam. She called me
and......" "Oh! I'll take you to her
then." "Thanks." "You're welcome. I'm
Gertrude by the way." She led him into the house
and up the stairs. When they
got to Claire's room, she
stopped. She gave him a
look before knocking on the
door. She repeated it for nearly five minutes and her
muscles became tensed.
Phil himself was tired of
waiting. He pushed the door
and it opened, revealing a
mad woman's room, and of course, the mad woman,
lying on the floor in the pool
of her own blood.

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