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30 Jul 2018

NNU Income: How To Make Up To 50,000 Monthly Online By Reading Posts

NNU Income: How To Make Up To 50,000 Monthly Online By Reading Posts

How would you feel if I show you a way to earn money online by just
reading posts, commenting and sharing on your timeline?

I Will show you today.

There are so many ways to make money online these days and NNU is one of them.

First, What is NNU?

NNU stands for Nigerian News Update.

Its a website like Facebook where you spend hours daily reading
posts,commenting and sharing but the big difference is that you get
paid on NNU for reading posts.

The amazing aspect of it is that you earn for login daily.
Think about that.

The website was founded by a trusted Nigerian online marketer, Mr.Paul Samson under G-CYBER TECHNOLOGIES NNU INC

Nnu is not a ponzi scheme like MMM.No!!!!
It is a normal website like nairaland,Facebook,naij etc.

All they want is to gain popularity and they are ready to pay you to help them get popular by just login in and reading posts. Simple business.

NNU pays every 27th-30th of every month.


1.By Daily Login :Each Day you login to your NNU account, you earn 50
naira (now, #50 x 30days=#1500)

2.By sharing daily sponsored posts on your timeline. There is one
sponsored post each day.Sponsored post is #100 (now #100 x 30 =#3000)

3.By reading posts. Each post you read is #2. let's say you can read
100 posts in a day,that's #200 (now #200 x 30=#6000)

For me,I can read up to 200 post in a day.Check that and know how much
it worths.

4.By referring. Each person you refer earns you #1000 straight.

The amount you earn depends on how active you are on nnu.
If you can spend two hours daily on Facebook, try dividing that two hours. 1 hour for Facebook (where you waste your data for nothing ) and spend the other 1 hour on nnu.You will be amazed at the amount you will be making monthly.

The Procedure is very simple, Create an Account with nnu , Subscribe
to the Pack , Share stuffs from your dashboard and get paid straight
into your Bank Account.


Quickly register through this link>>

You are to pay for the NIP package, which is your registration fee
(#1600) immediately for your account to be activated.

You probably might have heard of NNU before. It's real.

Methods of payment during registration include

1.Coupon Code
2.Pay stack

Click this link to register now>>

You can message me on Whatsapp if you need more details about nnu


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