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19 Sept 2018

Nigerian Musicians In illuminati

Nigerian Musicians in illuminati.

In this post,Nigerian Musicians In illuminati,we are looking at
allerged Nigerian musicians in the great illuminati.

From time to time,The Illuminati recruits members from all over the world.

No illuminati member will come out and tell you that he or she is a
member of the illuminati.

Nigerian musicians in illuminati as we are going to list out in this
post are only allerged.

To Allege(According to mariam webmaster dictionary) means to assert
without proof or before proving.

One or two things must have made the names of these celebrities to
appear online as illuminati members according to Google search

It could be their extravagant lifestyle and the kind of signs they
make in their musical video.

Now,below are the list of musicians Nigerians believe to be in the illuminati.


This late Nigerian musician was strongly believed to be a member of
the illuminati.

Dagrin was one of the best rappers in his time but was killed in a car
accident in 2010.
He didn't die at the spot but after some days he died.

After the death of Dagrin people connected his death to illuminati and
rumoured that he broke strict illuminati rules of confidentiality.


Davido is not a new name in the Nigerian music industry.

After he rose to fame with his 'Dami Duro' track,his name started
appearing in members of illuminati on the internet.

Up until now,Davido is living big and releasing bangers after bangers.

3.2Face Idibia

2face Idibia who is now know as 2Baba is one of the most respected
figure in the Nigerian music industry.

The legend whose 'African Queen' can never be forgotten is believed to
be a respected illuminati member that other musicians listen to.


Wizkid's sudden rise to fame was a very suprising phenomenom.

Wizkid has turned out to become an international superstar,doing
things with the likes of Drake,future,Nicki minaj,Tyga,Akon, to
mention but a few.

Nigerians believe his fame is from the illuminati.

However,there are other singers alleged to be in the illuminati and
they include:
P Square
Charly Boy
Tonto Dikeh

Nigerian musicians in illuminati is not a list anybody can give you
with any proof.

Even these musicians see their names online as Nigerian musicians in
illuminati and they laugh it off because the know they are innocent.

Nigerian musicians in illuminati cannot come out and tell you that
they are illuminati members.

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