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19 Jun 2020

How To Buy And Sell Bitcoin On

So you heard of Bitcoin and how it changed people's lives over the past few years and you want to invest or sell the one you have accumulated? Have you been wondering where and how you can conviniently do that? Worry no more.You are at the solution site.

If you stumbled on this post through any means,i want to assure you that all the guidance you need will not be lacking in here.

I will walk you through the following in this post.
i.Getting Started With Bitcoin,What It Entails And All You Should Know About It

ii.Introduction To Truexgold And The Mighty Role They Play As Regards Exchanging/Buying and Selling Digital Currencies
iii. A Detailed Guide On How To Buy Bitcoin On

iv.A Complete Guide On How To Sell Bitcoin On

v. What People Are Saying;Quality And Satisfying Reviews From People About Truexgold

vi.Links To Follow Truexgold On Facebook, Twitter and instagram For Mouthwatering Giveaways

i.Getting Started With Bitcoin,What It Entails And All You Should Know About It.

I believe the Term 'Bitcoin' is no longer a strange word to your ears. I will give you my own explanation of the word 'Bitcoin' but before that,according to Wikipedia,Bitcoin is defined as a worldwide cryptocurrency and digital payment system invented by  an unknown programmer, or a group of programmers, under the  name Satoshi Nakamoto. 
It was released as open-
source software in 2009.

Just like money,Bitcoin has become a means of payment.In our recent world, many merchants and vendors now accept Bitcoin as a means of payment.

Bitcoins are stored in digital wallets in the phone/computer you use or in the cloud. This means that before looking for where to buy or sell Bitcoin,you must have a bitcoin wallet.

If you already have a bitcoin wallet,great.

If you don't,you can create one using block chain or by downloading the Bitcon app for Windows,Android,Ios,Mac etc. It is very simple to create and doesn't cost any money.

Having known these,listen carefully as i introduce you to the best E-currency exchanger on the internet;Truexgold..

ii. Introduction To Truexgold and the Mighty role they play as regards Exchanging/Buying and Selling E-Currencies

If i must say the truth,when it comes to exchanging or buying and selling of E-currencies online,TRUEXGOLD sets the pace while others follow.

TRUEXGOLD stands out from the rest due to their quality services and integrity.

TRUEXGOLD is a registered dealer of Bitcoin,Etherum,Binary,Payeer,Perfect Money,Advanced cash,Litecoin,Dash,Planet of bets etc.

Truexgold plays a mighty role when it comes to exchanging your digital currencies to cash without any delay as your transactions will be processed even before you step out of the banking hall. Sounds good right? That is one of the numerous good reasons why Truexgold is the best.

TruexGOLD is listed
 Okchanger Monitoring Service with Partners like Bitcoin,Bestchange,,OKKU.RU,Exchangers monitor.

Truexgold is legit personified and has no rival.

Now lets get down to business on how to trade with Truexgold.

iii. A Detailed Guide On How To Buy Bitcoin on

Buying bitcoin from to your bitcoin wallet is very simple.

First things first.Whether you are selling your already accumulated digital currency on or you are buying,you will have to create an account first.

Creating an account on is easier than you can imagine.

Follow the easy steps below to achieve this.

Creating An Account On

A. On your browser,enter on the address bar

B. Click on Sign up and you will something like the image below.

*On Login,input any login username you will always remember.

*Put your email on the space provided for email.

*Input a password you will like to use on the website and confirm again.

*Answer the simple Arithmetic question.

*Click on the box just before 'I Read And Agree To The Terms....'

*Click on Sign Up

You are done with the registration.There's an option for account authorization but even without undertaking the authorization,you can still access Truexgold services.

Now that you have created an account on truexgold,it's time to walk you through the simple steps involved in buying Bitcoin from Truexgold.


i. Click on Sign In and input your login details.
If you are successfully signed in,you should see your username appear on the top right corner on the homepage like in the image below.

ii. Click on Exchange.You will be shown a section where you will see 'YOU SEND' and 'YOU RECEIVE' as seen in the image below.
iii. Buying with Naira? Click on NGN as YOU SEND.
This action will list out various YOU RECEIVE digital currencies to choose from. You are buying Bitcoin so click on it and you will be taken to the next stage.

A notice will appear on your screen as thus 
'This order will be 
deleted in 3 hours if 
we do not receive
 your bank transfer or 
deposit, hence, we 
advice you place your order when you are 
ready to make 
payment. The 
average order
 processing time is 30
minutes to 1 hour during our working 
hours. However, at 
non-working hours,
your order may be

So you should be ready to make payment before initiating a transaction.

iv. Input the amount of Bitcoin you wish to buy.Note that the minimum amount is 4000 NGN.
The exact amount of Bitcoin you will receive will be displayed to you.

Now,copy and paste your Bitcoin wallet address in the space provided for that. Be extra careful when doing this.

Next,fill your personal data in the spaces provided for you and click on the Exchange Button below the page.

Hitting the exchange button will take you to a page where you can create an order.

Once you have created an order,you will be taken to the final stage where you will be required to make payment.

Immediately your payment is made and confirmed,your Bitcoin wallet will be credited without any delay.

iv. A Complete Guide On How To Sell Bitcoin On

Have you got some Bitcoin in your wallet and you want to cash out on it? Read carefully as i guide you on how to sell it and receive cash immediately on

This is almost the same process as buying but there are some differences.

Let us get down to business.

Below are the simple steps on how to SELL YOUR BITCOIN for cash on Truexgold.

i. Click on Exchange.Then click on Bitcoin on YOU SEND.
This will bring up, NGN on the YOU RECEIVE section

ii. Click on the Naira NGN on the YOU RECEIVE section.

You will be taken to a new section where you will fill in your personal information,the amount of Bitcoin you wish to sell and your bank account details.Click on exchange below the form.

iii. The next section will be for creating order.

iv. Finally,log in to you Bitcoin account and transfer the amount of Bitcoin to the address given to you.
Once done and confirmed,your bank account will be credited immediately.

v. What People Are Saying;Quality And Satisfying Reviews From People About Truexgold

There are countless reviews from people who have tasted the swift and excellent services of Truexgold.

No one will say something good about your business if you render bad services to people.

 Below are just a few of the reviews.

Richard said: 

I love this truexGold. Will do business with you guys always. Without ccnworldtech I wouldn't have known you guys. Nice one here

John ibe says

Fast and am grateful
I'm John Ibeh glad to be here with you people

Paul says :

I am Paul and am really Glad the am here.
Administration comment:
Thank you Paul.

Truexgold the best in all. And it's reliable and and confortable
Tested and Trusted
With Truexgold the sky is your stepping stone. They are truly the best
Administration comment:
That is actually true, here possibility are endless.

Chioma said :

No 1 reliable bitcon buyer / seller in Nigeria, a friend of mine have been scammed serverally on other bitcon sellers immediately i introduced him to TRUEXGOLD he transact business with them and called me and dash me.10k oo. Thank u Truexgold. Guys pls look no other place just do ur business with them and take me later like my friend.

Administration comment:
Thanks for referring our website to your friend.

Lawrence said :
i m Lawrence am really glad that am here
Administration comment:
Thank you Lawrence

Blogger Abraham said :
Truexgold is the perfect place to trade your Bitcoin.
They're reliable and fast, their customers support is top notch.
A deal with them, is a smile ever lasting.
Feel free to trade with them
vi. Links To Follow Truexgold on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram For Free Mouthwatering Giveaways

I think it is highly imperative that i share Truexgold links with which you can follow them on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram for jaw dropping giveaways.

There are days they share up to 20,000 NGN worth of recharge card to their followers and huge discounts on their exchange rates.

Follow truexgold on facebook >

Twitter handle @truexgold

Instagram> @truexgold

Have you got any questions,i am more than ready to answer as many as i can.


  1. How much is the minimum amount of bitcoin i can buy from them?

  2. What if they dont give me the bitcoin after i pay

  3. Guys pls bear in mind that truexgold has been in business for a very long time now and it has never been reported that there was transaction delay from all of us using their services talk more of not getting what you paid for.

    And again,the minimum amount of bitcoin you can buy in naira is 4000NGN

  4. Writing with style and getting good compliments on the article is quite hard, to be honest.But you've done it so calmly and with so cool feeling and you've nailed the job. This article is possessed with style and I am giving good compliment. Best! Buy Bitcoin at Walmart


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